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Created by my friend 'Scully' from XWPVS.

Tribute my dog Daisy

In April 2007 we said goodbye to our
beloved dog Daisy. She was 14yo.
She's sorely missed.

lets see now

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  1. Deepspace 9 - Liberty of Promis

    07/28/09 04:57:11 | 0 Comments

    Quark was in good spirits. A new program had arrived for his holosuite and he was waiting for Doctor Julian Bashir and Chief Engineer O'Brien to come and try it out. He didn't have to wait long as Bashir sauntered in. To Quark's amusement Bashir noticed two striking figures, slightly out of place, sitting off to one side. The thing that Bashir noticed was that the two women were heavily armed with swords and leather armor. They weren't Klingon although the tall brunette could...
  2. Seperation

    03/21/08 13:14:42 | 0 Comments

    Xena: Warrior Princess - Virtual Episode SEPARATION by Richard B.Kloosterboer created 8 November 2002 NZ
    completed 14 January 2003 NZ
    Read More
  3. Warrior Through Time

    03/21/08 12:22:47 | 0 Comments

    Warrior Through Time
    Written by Richard B.Kloosterboer
    (Original Author)

    This Xena Fanfiction story was first published in four parts at the Bard's Corner:

    Author's note: email addies in original online publication no longer valid.

    Disclaimer: Xena: Warrior...